FP: Currying vs. Partial application

While learning Functional Programming, there were two concepts that for me, were really hard set apart: currying and partial application. One day, I finally decided I would dig deeper and learn what each one represents and more importantly, why I mixed them up. In this article we’ll see what currying and partial application are, distinguishContinue reading “FP: Currying vs. Partial application”

Android 6 (Marshmallow) permissions and Unity

While working on Overclock, our team faced a new problem with Android 6 (Marshmallow): all permissions were requested when the app launches the first time instead of when the user downloads the app. Not only that, but the permissions are requested individually and not altogether like it used to be, which showed us some permissionsContinue reading “Android 6 (Marshmallow) permissions and Unity”

Unity Serialization Part 3: Scriptable Objects

This post is part of a series about Unity serialization. Click here for part 1: how it works and examples or click here for part 2: defining a serializable type. On the last article, we learnt how we can define our own serializable types and discovered some problems that can emerge from it. One solution (although not ideal) toContinue reading “Unity Serialization Part 3: Scriptable Objects”