C#’s Finalizer/Destructor Trap

Let’s talk about C#’s finalizers (also called destructors in C#) and how a common mistake when using them might lead to unwanted behaviour, especially in applications made with the Unity engine. Finalizers A finalizer is a method that is called whenever an instance of a class is being garbage-collected. It is used for cleanup, commonlyContinue reading “C#’s Finalizer/Destructor Trap”

[Postmortem] Developing an educational, kiosk, VR game for Windows Mixed Reality

In this article I analyze the development Voedingscentrum VR, an educational, kiosk-style and Virtual Reality game I helped to develop at Fantazm from October 2018 until April 2019. After a quick introduction about the project, the biggest problems that surfaced during development are explained along with the solutions we found to solve them. At theContinue reading “[Postmortem] Developing an educational, kiosk, VR game for Windows Mixed Reality”

FP: Currying vs. Partial application

While learning Functional Programming, there were two concepts that for me, were really hard set apart: currying and partial application. One day, I finally decided I would dig deeper and learn what each one represents and more importantly, why I mixed them up. In this article we’ll see what currying and partial application are, distinguishContinue reading “FP: Currying vs. Partial application”